Cat Grooming Safety

While cats wash themselves numerous times per day, a cat’s owner also should play a role in the grooming process. There are three basic components of grooming your cat:

1. Brushing: It is important to regularly brush your cat to remove dirt and tangles from his hair and to spread natural oils throughout his coat. If your cat has short hair, brushing is only necessary once per week. If your cat has long hair, you will need to perform daily brushing.

2. Bathing: Giving your cat a bath is necessary if his coat becomes greasy and oily or if he gets into something dirty. Make sure to use a mild shampoo that is safe for cats.

3. Nail clipping: The key to successful cat nail clipping is to massage your cat’s feet prior to the clipping and to give praise and treats in the process. Use sharp cat nail scissors and pay special attention not to cut the quick, a vein that runs into the nail.

Visit this website for information on safe cat grooming techniques.

Some owners would prefer to take their cat for professional grooming. A kitten or cat may have a bath service at a professional grooming establishment, including bath, brushing shampoo, blow dry, and nail trim. A cat may also be groomed which includes the items in a regular bath service as well as scissoring, clipping, and dematting. Similar to dog grooming, the owner of a cat should perform a thorough search of cat groomers. This investigation includes meeting the individual who will be grooming your cat and taking a tour of the grooming facilities. The owner should feel confident entrusting his/her cat with a groomer. If the groomer does not feel comfortable with a particular cat during the grooming session, the groomer should immediately contact the cat’s owner and decline to groom the cat.

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