Dog Grooming Injuries

1. Normal behavior after dog grooming: Your dog may act differently after being groomed, and it is important to recognize your dog’s normal behavior. Your dog may run around and feel lighter after his hair his been shaved.

2. Abnormal behavior after dog grooming: There are many problems that can occur while your dog is being groomed, and the groomer may not always be forthcoming with the truth about what happened. Be alert to any alterations in your dog’s behavior that are not normal after grooming.

2. Nail trimming: Most owners may prefer to have their vet, vet tech, or groomer perform their dog’s nail trimming. However, owners may prefer to trim their dog’s nails and can learn the correct way to trim the nails without causing pain.

a. Your dog is overly sleepy. Although a dog may be exhausted after several hours at the grooming salon when he arrives home, your dog should not be sleepy when he is initially picked up at the salon. This may indicate that he may have been drugged or left in a dryer too long. You may want to take your dog to the vet if he does not perk up after being offered water.

b. Your dog is overly aggressive or in pain. A host of injuries may occur during grooming. The groomer may have handled your dog roughly, may have nicked your dog with clippers or scissors, or may have hit your dog. Depending on the bodily area of the injury, your dog may have difficulty walking, may yelp when picked up, or may have sustained an eye injury.

If you suspect that something is wrong with your dog after grooming, take your dog to your veterinarian. Your groomer should pay all medical bills.

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