Princess Killed By Another Dog While Being Groomed
Date: June 2016, Location: Bentonville, Arkansas
Dog Dies Within Minutes in Groomer’s Care at PetSmart
Date: May 15, 2016, Location: San Mateo, California
Three dogs die in groomers van
Date: March 18, 2016, Location: South Florida
Dog left unattended, dies
Date: , Location: Toronto, Canada
Owners Demand Answers After Dog Dies at Petco Groomers
Date: December 30, 2015, Location: Napa, California
Groomer Loses Dog
Date: September 30, 2015, Location: Nicholasville, Kentucky
17-year-old 10-pound toy poodle dies from heat
Date: July 8,2015, Location: Los Angeles, CA
Dog died after accidental hanging at grooming salon
Date: July 2, 2015, Location: Maryland
Petco fires workers after dog dies during grooming
Date: May 29,2015, Location: Midlothian, Virginia
Family says pug died after trip to PetSmart for grooming
Date: February 5,2015, Location: Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Pet Groomer Accused in Dog’s Death
Date: February 2,2015, Location: Thornton, CO
Dog grooming bill would regulate the trade in New Jersey
Date: December 8,2014, Location: Englewood, NJ
Beloved pet’s death prompts legislation
Date: August 25,2014, Location: Englewood, NJ
Pet owner says dog passed out due to groomer's mistake
Date: June 18,2014, Location: Englewood, NJ
Dog Cured of Ebola
Date: November 10, 2014, Location: Dallas, TX
Dog named Gracie dies after grooming at PetSmart
Date: September 5, 2014, Location: Menton, OH
Painesville family devastated after dog dies following routine grooming appointment
Date: September 3, 2014, Location: Painesville, OH
Vermont Court Eyes Value of Love of Mans Best Friend
Date: December 17, 2009, Location: Northfield, Vermont
Pet groomer linked to death of Yorkie with cracked skull
Date: March 21, 2014, Location: Harlingen, Texas
Fort Worth vet kept at least 5 “euthanized” animals alive
Date: April 30, 2014, Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Texas vet arrested, suspended for animal cruelty
Date: May 1, 2014, Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Dog dies from heat stroke at groomer (blow dryer)
Date: January 13, 2014, Location: Los Angeles, California
Sugar Land family blames groomer for pet’s death.
Date: 11/26/2013, Location: Stafford, Texas
Dog Groomer Throws Maltese Against Wall, Killing It.
Date: 9/9/2013, Location: Springfield, Missouri
Couple devastated after dog groomer throws Maltese pup against wall, killing her
Date: 9/8/2013, Location: Springfield, Missouri
Alleged abuse at dog grooming salon caught on tape
Date: June 13, 2013, Location: Calgary, Alberta
Chalfont dog groomer charged in terrier's death at Warminster business
Date: 7/19/2013, Location: Chalfont, Philadelphia
Owner of cocker spaniel who burned to death in 'drying' cage at dog groomers tells of her horror at losing her beloved pet
Date: 4/17/2013, Location: Leicester, England
Article: Staten Island dogs die in mobile grooming van; grieving pet owners want justice
Date: 3/6/2013, Location: Staten Island, New York
How your family pet could be maimed or killed by dog groomers: 'Incompetent' entrepreneurs to blame for rise in accidents
Date: 2/21/2013, Location: United Kingdom
Dog’s death prompts investigation
Date: 2/7/2013, Location: Fairfield Township, Ohio  
13-week-old Cockapoo puppy savaged to death at dog grooming parlour
Date: 2/5/2013, Location: Weston, Lincolnshire
Groomed to death: Scandal of unregulated dog salons where family pets are suffering horrific and fatal injuries
Date: 2/4/2013, Location: United Kingdom
I-Team: Dog owner blames pet's death on local groomer
Date: 2/3/2013, Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Pet dog Dusty died after being left in industrial hairdryer at pet salon when groomer answered phone and FORGOT he was there
Date: 1/15/2013 Location: Essex, United Kingdom
South Kitsap dog groomer charged in terrier's death
Date: 8/3/2012, Location: Port Orchard, Washington
Family Devastated After Dog Dies at Groomer’s
Date: 6/21/2012, Location: Brooklyn, Ohio
Savannah pet groomer cited after dog's death
Date: 4/18/2012, Location: Savannah, Georgia
PetsMart Sued Over Alleged Grooming Death Of Puppy At Downey Store
Date: 4/9/2012, Location: Norwalk, California
PetSmart Sued For Puppy's Death After English Bulldog Was Allegedly Strangled
Date: 4/9/2012, Location: Downey, California
Dog groomer charged in collie’s death
Date: 2012, Location: Union, South Carolina
Wilbraham dog groomer Sharon Kozik to be arraigned in death of toy poodle
Date: 12/16/2011, Location: Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Dog's Death Sparks Groomer Backlash
Date: 8/16/2011, Location: Public message—PETA
Dog's death raises question about pet grooming dryer
Date: 7/27/2011, Location: Sacramento, California
Dog’s death is a warning about groomers, expert says
Date: 8/1/2008, Location: Public message—TODAY
Dog Dies While Being Groomed At Petsmart
Date: 11/1/2007, Bakersfield, California