Dog Grooming Safety

Attention to dog grooming is an important part of owning a dog. Owners should purchase appropriate grooming tools, including a comb, scissors, nail clippers, and soap-free dog shampoo. There are five basic needs associated with dog grooming:

1. Hair brushing: Depending on the breed of dog, brushing should be done daily or every month. This process can be enjoyable and can strengthen the bond between the dog and the owner.

2. Nail trimming: Most owners may prefer to have their vet, vet tech, or groomer perform their dog’s nail trimming. However, owners may prefer to trim their dog’s nails and can learn the correct way to trim the nails without causing pain.

3. Bathing: Dogs should be bathed between once per week and once per month. You can learn how to properly bathe your dog, including using a soap-free shampoo designed for dogs.

4. Ear care: Bacteria and yeast can enter your dog’s ears if they are not kept clean. Some dogs are more susceptible to ear problems, such as those with floppy ears or long hair. Your dog may require daily ear cleanings or may just need his ears cleaned during the monthly bath.

5. Haircuts: Certain breeds of dogs such as a poodle, Shih Tzu, or a Maltese require haircuts every 2-6 weeks. You may learn how to groom your dog or you may decide to use a professional groomer.

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